Become an Uber Driver in Darwin

The first step to signing up to become an Uber in Darwin is to set up an account.


But before you do that, let us make sure you have everything you need as many people have paid for various tests and reports and spent several hours running around only to find out there was something that prevented them from driving, which if they knew at the start would have helped them to decide if they should apply.

Create Uber Account

Pre-Sign Up Check List

The following things will most likely prevent you from being able to sign up to drive for Uber or any other rideshare company. If you are not sure that about something, head into the Green Light Hub (Uber’s support office) and ask before you go any further.

Criminal History

Have you been convicted of anything in the past 10 years? If so it is unlikely your police clearance or DCSI check will be passed. Learn more about these checks.

Driving History

If you have ever been conviceted of a driving under the invluence, you will not be apporved.

Medical History

You are going to have to have a medical done. While the medical is not a big expense, you should check out this article from the SA Government’s Fitness to Drive guide..

Car Type & Age

Your car must be less than 10 years old, have 4 doors and no cosmetic damage or signage.

Your Age & License

You must be at least 21 years old and hold a full drivers license in the state you are planing to drive in.


You must have at a minimum third party insurance, with your name listed as a driver of the vehicle.

Taking the Next Step

Assuming you have nothing to worry about from the above list, its time to create an account with Uber, which is easy. Just click here to get started.

After that, you will need to go through several steps as outlined below, and this may take a couple of weeks to complete so don’t hesitate. Some of these steps, such as the national police check, are incorporated into the Uber application to assist with the process. 

Getting Your Paperwork Ready

Every state has different requirements (Hoops to jump through) to become a rideshare driver. For the Northern Territory, you are required to hold a Commercial Passenger Vehicle ID with endorsement H (CPVID)  and once that is approved, a Commercial Vehicle License (CVL). 

Applying for the Commercial Passenger Vehicle ID

Before you can apply for the CPVID, you are going to need to have several other steps completed.

Step 1 - Obtain a National Police Check from SAFE NT

Every state of Australia is part of a national database of criminal history, which you will need to pass to be able to drive for Uber. Official NT Police checks can be done online at this page, or you can download the forms and do them offline.  You will require the working with children check as well as the basic criminal history check.

Step 2 - Obtain a Medical Assessment of Fitness to Drive

The medical fitness to drive test can be carried out by your own medical practitioner. Book a long appointment and take the forms located on this page. Before you attend, it may be worth checking what the requirements are on this site.

Step 3 - complete and pass the Hire and Reward (‘h’ endorsement) Knowledge Test

The Northern Territory has a special endorsement for people driving a commercial vehicle called endorsement H. This is needed prior to applying for the CPVID. To complete this step, you will need to have completed the previous two steps.

Full details and downloads of the forms are available on this page of the site.

Step 4 - Obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN)

You will require to register for both an ABN and GST to drive for Uber. The GST is payable on every dollar that you earn, which is different to most businesses, where they don’t pay until they turnover at least $75,000. For the taxi and rideshare industry, you have to pay the 10% from your first dollar as detailed here. Yes this is not fair but it’s the law!

You can apply for the ABN on this page of the website and the GST here

Step 5 - Apply for the Commercial Passenger Vehicle ID (CPVID)

Once you have completed the above steps, have all the documents photographed or scanned onto your computer and proceed to this website to apply for your CPVID. Typical turn around of this stage is 5 days.

Step 6 - Vehicle Safety Inspection

The vehicle inspection checks that the car is safe to carry passengers. Common checks are tyres, light, oil leaks and major damage. I personally did not pass one inspection because of a chip in the windscreen that was so small I did not know it was there!.

You can book the inspection at several sites, which are listed here.

Step 7 - Apply for the Commercial Vehicle License (CVL)

Once you have completed the above steps, have all the documents photographed or scanned onto your computer and proceed to this website to apply for your CPVID. Typical turn around of this stage is 5 days.

Step 8 - Upload your approved documents to Uber

You are now almost ready to drive but there are two more steps. If you have not yet registered to drive with Uber do this now.

After registering, follow this link first Upload all of the documents to your Uber account via this page and wait got their approval email to come. Once approved, Uber will email you and you are ready to earn some money.




Associated Costs

There are costs associated with getting registered as an Uber driver and they average around $250-300.

This may sound like a lot up front but it is likely you will have made this back in the first two weekends if you only work Friday and Saturday nights!