How to Become a Ride Share Driver in Australia

In Australia, there are different requirements for rideshare drives based on the state you will be driving in and the rideshare company. Our aim is to help you avoid the runaround, and start making money from driving in the shortest possible time.

Currently, as we build this resource, much of the information provided revolves around Adelaide. However, the process is similar in all states, with only the government paperwork changing, and these specific requirements are detailed on each ride share companies site.

Adelaide has two major rideshare companies operating and both cover around a 40Km radius of the CBD. While you do not get to say which areas you will drive in as the riders can take you anywhere, it does mean you can start without leaving home or where ever you happen to be.

The process of registering mainly revolves around the government based accreditation process.  This needs to be completed prior to beginning to drive with either company, and this can take up to 3 months to have all of your paperwork processed. The process requires you to have a background check, including a police clearance, working with children screening (DCSI) and driving history. Once complete, you will be required to have a vehicle safety inspection performed on your car and then attend the Driver Accreditation office to have all of your paperwork stamped as approved. 

After completing these steps, you will be able to start earning some money.


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