How to Get Started as a Ride Share Driver in Australia

Getting started as a Rideshare driver is not difficult but will take some running around.
Use the experience of experienced drivers to get signed up, avoid the beginners mistakes, and start making money.

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Rideshare Driving is Fun and Profitable
Whether you plan to drive for some extra cash or as a full-time income, driving rideshare can be a lot of fun. But there are lots of things that can make it less enjoyable, such as getting fined or having trouble with a rider.

The links below will help you to avoid several beginner’s mistakes and could save you a lot of pain and money.

What Does Typical Part Time Driver Make?

The amount you can make each week varies based on the state of Australia you are driving in, and the days you choose to drive. In Adelaide, Uber drivers working Friday and Saturday nights make around $300 a week driving for 12 hours.

Hours Per Week

Average Income

How to Sign Up

Uber is the largest rideshare in Australia and a good choice to get started as they have all of their registration systems streamlined. However, there are others including Shebah, Ola, Lyft, Muve, Taxify, and GoCatch.


Ride Share

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Learn from other drivers experience what to do and what to avoid to maximise your income and enjoyment while driving.